Secure and cost-effective offline data storage

Long-Time Archiving (LTA) helps you manage ever-expanding volumes of data. Intended for information which is no longer required on online or near-line storage, but which can't be discarded for legal or policy reasons, the Archive Disk LTA solution has six distinct advantages:
Easy to use


Moving data to affordable archive storage only takes a few clicks. Scheduled archive set creation allows for periodic archiving. Customizable metadata is added to each archive set, making it easy to find and restore the right archive media.

Data security

A high level of data security

RAID-like data protection significantly reduces the risk of data loss, even if the storage media degrade over time. Depending on archive set size and redundancy settings, you can still restore an archive set with one or more unreadable or missing media. All archive media are encrypted, so they can be stored at third-party locations, and in-transit loss of media does not create a liability.


Environmentally friendly

Archival storage only consumes a fraction of the power required to operate online or near-line storage systems. For Blu-ray, the most green media option, no power is required at all once the disks have been produced, and the media can be recycled at the end of their lifetime. But even Archive Disk's high-performance hard disk option minimizes energy costs using smart power management.


Minimal maintenance

Minimal maintenance & migration requirements

Most online storage systems need to be replaced every 5 years, and the migration from old to new systems can be time-consuming. With an Archive Disk solution, migrations (if required at all) can be planned and executed automatically, regardless of media type.

No vendor lock-in

Not tied to a storage vendor

Archive Disk works with hardware from virtually any storage vendor, and will most likely fit in your existing environment just fine. And while LTA best practices do include recommendations for certain brands of media and storage, a wide range of technologies and vendors is supported.

Flexible media options

Flexible media options

Archive Disk allows you to use the media that best meets your needs. You get full support for all features, regardless of whether you prefer Blu-ray, tape, large-scale hard disk or cloud storage. It's even possible to mix media types, where you spread your data over (for example) local Blu-ray disks and remote cloud providers, with the option to restore from either location.