Document Archiving

Whether you choose to archive to Blu-ray, Tape, Disk or the Cloud, Archive Disk offers an easy way to periodically secure the output of your document management system.

  • Archive Disk scans your document store on a daily basis, and selects new and changed documents to be archived.
  • Archives can be created on a daily, (bi-)weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, or whenever the amount of data to be archived exceeds a predefined threshold.
  • When first implementing the Archive Disk solution, it's easy to create appropriately-sized archive sets containing your historical data using backlog processing.
  • Metadata can be extracted from your document management system database and added to the archive in an open format.
  • Documents using common proprietary file formats can be archived as PDF/A to ensure they can easily be viewed, even after several years.
  • Your document archives are well-protected using the Archive Disk encryption and data redundancy features.
  • When using affordable archive-grade Blu-ray disks and appropriate disk packaging, no special conditioning is required for your archive sets: even a basic office cabinet is sufficient for long-term storage.