Forensic Archiving

Regardless of your choice of media (Blu-ray, Tape, Disk or Cloud), Archive Disk offers an excellent solution for long-time storage of digital forensic evidence.

  • Archive Disk effortlessly handles multi-gigabyte disk images as well as case export folders containing millions of tiny files with borderline-invalid and very long names.
  • In addition to archiving individual cases, bulk archival of backlog cases and bundling of multiple small cases (e.g. phone images) is fully supported.
  • Data integrity is ensured using SHA-256 hashes in every step of the process.
  • RAID-like redundancy safeguards your case data, even if one or more archive media become defective or are lost.
  • All media are AES-256 encrypted, ensuring confidentiality and enabling third-party storage.
  • Self-contained public/private key management allows easy key transfers and quick soft deletion of case data.
  • Metadata indexing makes it easy to retrieve the right archive set; a per-case expiry date ensures policy compliance.